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Sneaker Creatures | FILFURY
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Sneaker Creatures | FILFURY

Phil Robson, better known as FILFURY, is a British-based artist with a trainer obsession, even referring to himself as a “sneaker freaker”. We’ve already talk about this artist that with using digital techniques, he transforms images of the humble sneaker into impressive beetles, butterflies, skulls, and much more, inspired by the shapes, textures and colours of the original trainer. He’s collaborated with big names such as Nike Basketball, Adidas, Reebok and Size?, and has exhibited around the world. At a first glance, his works look just like insects, and it’s only when you study them more carefully that you start to see the familiar shapes of insoles, laces and rubber toes. You can follow the artist on Instagram to see more of his work, or buy prints of his work here.

SneakersArt_feeldesain_01 SneakersArt_feeldesain_02 SneakersArt_feeldesain_03 SneakersArt_feeldesain_04 SneakersArt_feeldesain_05 SneakersArt_feeldesain_06 SneakersArt_feeldesain_07 SneakersArt_feeldesain_08 SneakersArt_feeldesain_09 SneakersArt_feeldesain_10

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