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NGRS Offices | Crosby Studios
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NGRS Offices | Crosby Studios

NGRS, a recruiting company located in the centre of Moscow, Russia, enlisted the help of Crosby Studios in order to redesign their offices. Being a recruitment company, the offices needed to have plenty of space for interviews, and also have a professional-looking and memorable interior. Crosby Studios created an interior which is minimal and for the most part white, apart from the pink floors, a colour scheme which went down very well with NGRS’s 90% female staff! The gallery with arches provides an interesting entrance to various one-on-one interview rooms, and the steps and arches remind visitors of an old city square. Some of the walls of the original historic building, which used to be Russian entrepreneur Savva Mamontov’s factory, have been left unplastered, adding a touch of the industrial to the very clean aesthetic, and making the offices seem quite museum-like. See more in the pictures below.

NGRS_feeldesain_01 NGRS_feeldesain_02 NGRS_feeldesain_03 NGRS_feeldesain_04 NGRS_feeldesain_05 NGRS_feeldesain_06 NGRS_feeldesain_07 NGRS_feeldesain_08 NGRS_feeldesain_09 NGRS_feeldesain_10 NGRS_feeldesain_11 NGRS_feeldesain_12 NGRS_feeldesain_13 NGRS_feeldesain_14

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