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Economical Chair | Seungji Mun
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Economical Chair | Seungji Mun

The Economical Chair by Seungji Mun has been designed to reduce waste, by creating four chairs from one single piece of 4×8 international standard plywood, with no material wasted at all. The simple piece of furniture is made using plywood, which is bent to shape, and is cost-efficient and low-waste when mass produced. Mun is sure that ideas like this one could make big changes in the world of design when it comes to minimising industrial waste.

EconomicalChair_feeldesain_01 EconomicalChair_feeldesain_02 EconomicalChair_feeldesain_03 EconomicalChair_feeldesain_04 EconomicalChair_feeldesain_05 EconomicalChair_feeldesain_06 EconomicalChair_feeldesain_07 EconomicalChair_feeldesain_08 EconomicalChair_feeldesain_09

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