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Triwing chairs by Marco Hemmerling
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Triwing chairs by Marco Hemmerling

marco hemmerling: triwing
all photos by dirk schelpmeier

‘triwing’ takes four different seating positions and combines them into

one continuous form. by simply flipping the chair onto its longitudinal

axis, the furniture object changes its posture and appearance.

its double-curved shape considers ergonomic demands,while at

the same time the necessary stiffness and stability required for the chair.

the seat adapts to the weight of its user, slightly altering its shape to

absorb the impact that is a result of someone sitting down on it.

‘triwing’ consists of two seating elements which can slide into

one another for space-saving purposes.

the chair’s form is derived in a digital workflow from design

to production, but its materiality and tactile impression, generates

a perception that is associated with handmade products

designed by cologne-based marco hemmerling, ‘triwing’ can function

as a deck, dining, lounge or reading chair. it will be on show at the

desiary showroom during the IMM cologne 2011 furniture fair.

the two seating elements – one nestled into the other

the ‘outer shell’ of ‘triwing’


3 / 4 view


‘triwing’ turned onto its longitudinal axis

inner seat of ‘triwing’

digital diagrams of the chair’s form

progression of form

digital diagram of the profile cut-ou


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