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The Face of War | Dasha Marchenko
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The Face of War | Dasha Marchenko

You’ve already seen portraits made with screws, tea bags, postcards, and even old jeans, but Ukrainian artist Dasha Marchenko has used something else to create this portrait of Russian president Vladimir Putin: bullet cartridges. This portrait is the first in a series of five pictures intended to highlight the lives affected by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine in 2014, which will be called 5 Elements of War. The artist collected all 5000 of these Kalashnikov bullets over the space of 4 months and with the help of volunteers, and painted some parts of the huge piece with acrylic and oil paints.

Putin_feeldesain_01 Putin_feeldesain_02 Putin_feeldesain_03 Putin_feeldesain_04 Putin_feeldesain_05 Putin_feeldesain_06

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