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Antrum | Tatiana Plakhova
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Antrum | Tatiana Plakhova

Antrum is a mesmerising interactive installation using bright, laser-like computer graphics which were based on mathematical functions and designed by Tatiana Plakhova. The audience is welcomed into a membrane “grotto” and encouraged to interact with the artwork, touching the membrane and consequently twisting, pulling and changing the graphics themselves. The artist says that the moving graphics resemble strange creatures, and the installation really does seem almost alive.

Antrum_feeldesain_01 Antrum_feeldesain_02 Antrum_feeldesain_03 Antrum_feeldesain_04 Antrum_feeldesain_05

Spatio-Graphical Interactive Installation
The installation looks like a grotto of the membrane, the surface of which is inhabited by strange creatures. It’s complex structure causes association with living creatures, space objects and architectural constructions.
In this frontier word pure mathematical abstractions are mixed with natural shapes, resulting in formation of new entities. Viewers can push the membrane and try to contact with them.
Artwork: by Tatiana Plakhova
Programming & Space Design: by Eduard Haiman & Vadim Smakhtin
Sound Design: Sergey Kasich
Special thanks to Elena Zhdanova & Sergey Balta
Producer: Konstantin Nikitin
Director of Photography: Andrey Semenyuk
Editing: Dimitry Benevolensky

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