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Simple & sculptural jewellery box | Theresa Arns
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Simple & sculptural jewellery box | Theresa Arns

Theresa Arns, graduate of The Royal Danish Academy of Arts, is a Copenhagen-based architect and furniture designer. Although she now lives and works in Denmark, her upbringing in Germany led her towards a very “German way” of designing, combining pragmatism with beautiful design which allows her designs to tell a story while performing a function. Inspired by Danish tradition and natural materials, she generally uses wood in her designs and pairs it with contrasting materials such as glass, fabric, or marble.


In the case of her jewellery box, the design is simple and of course pragmatic, and the form whether open or closed is very sculptural, but the materials and shapes make it beautiful as well as practical for everyday use. You can check out her other designs on her website.


JewelleryBox-feeldesain_01 JewelleryBox-feeldesain_02 JewelleryBox-feeldesain_03 JewelleryBox-feeldesain_04 JewelleryBox-feeldesain_05 JewelleryBox-feeldesain_06 JewelleryBox-feeldesain_07 JewelleryBox-feeldesain_08 JewelleryBox-feeldesain_09 JewelleryBox-feeldesain_10 JewelleryBox-feeldesain_11 JewelleryBox-feeldesain_12 JewelleryBox-feeldesain_13 JewelleryBox-feeldesain_14 JewelleryBox-feeldesain_15 JewelleryBox-feeldesain_16


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