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secret lives of fruits and vegetables | Maciek Jasik
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secret lives of fruits and vegetables | Maciek Jasik

The photographer Maciek Jasik is captivated by ‘The Secret Lives of Fruits and Vegetables’, and reported all in a recent still life series. The thick exteriors of produce are punctured, allowing vibrant smoke to spill out and billow into mysterious clouds of colour. The juxtaposition of hue is beautiful and each photograph creates a surreal, magical little world where one can truly believe that an eggplant or a carnival squash has a secret life beyond the grocery store bin. This series aims to reintroduce the mystical, invisible qualities to fruits and vegetables that have been lost amidst the clamor of nutritional statistics. The mysterious, multicolored mist creates an unexpected and surreal scenario, where the insides of ordinary fruits and vegetables are vaguely unknown.

Images Credit: Maciek Jasik

SecretVegetable_FeelDesain_01 SecretVegetable_FeelDesain_02 SecretVegetable_FeelDesain_14 SecretVegetable_FeelDesain_06 SecretVegetable_FeelDesain_07 SecretVegetable_FeelDesain_09 SecretVegetable_FeelDesain_17 SecretVegetable_FeelDesain_10 SecretVegetable_FeelDesain_11 SecretVegetable_FeelDesain_05

SecretVegetable_FeelDesain_03SecretVegetable_FeelDesain_08 SecretVegetable_FeelDesain_12 SecretVegetable_FeelDesain_13 SecretVegetable_FeelDesain_15 SecretVegetable_FeelDesain_16 SecretVegetable_FeelDesain_04

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