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Monstera Deliciosa | Porky Hefer
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Monstera Deliciosa | Porky Hefer

Would you ever sleep in a monster’s mouth if it looked as snug as Porky Hefer’s chairsYes, they are in fact, monster mouths! Titled “Monstera Deliciosa,” this chair series was shown at Design Miami 2015. The chairs resemble animals like the orca, pufferfish, pelican, and more! The chairs follow Hefer’s usual nesting-chair design, made using traditional south African methods, and involving such craftsmen as the weaver Ismael Bey. The artist use a red length of rope that has been spliced, this is a knotting technique more commonly used on yachts for adding strength. The rope has a matching red hook that attaches to a loop at the top of the chair.

Image credit: Porky Hefers

Porky-Hefer_Feeldesain_07 Porky-Hefer_Feeldesain_08 Porky-Hefer_Feeldesain_09 Porky-Hefer_Feeldesain_10 Porky-Hefer_Feeldesain_02 Porky-Hefer_Feeldesain_03 Porky-Hefer_Feeldesain_05 Porky-Hefer_Feeldesain_06 Porky-Hefer_Feeldesain_01 Porky-Hefer_Feeldesain_04

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