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MuseumGrass | Marco Vermeulen
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MuseumGrass | Marco Vermeulen

This could be a futuristic vision of some museums that are black in the nature. After being redesigned by the Studio Marco Vermeulen Biesbosch Museum in Werkendam, Netherlands, it is opened to the public since last summer. The museum is fully covered in grass, the hexagonal structure is shaped by a group of little pyramids featuring large bay windows and a path on top of the museum to walk through the green roof. Follow the architect on Facebook.

Images Credit: Ronald Tilleman.

museumgrass_FeelDesain_03 museumgrass_FeelDesain_04 museumgrass_FeelDesain_05 museumgrass_FeelDesain_06 museumgrass_FeelDesain_01 museumgrass_FeelDesain_02 museumgrass_FeelDesain_07 museumgrass_FeelDesain_08 museumgrass_FeelDesain_09 museumgrass_FeelDesain_10


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