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Wine Bottle with logos | Tom Le French
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Wine Bottle with logos | Tom Le French

Today it feels like brands and entities are diversifying themselves into all types of sectors, what would happen if they “invaded” wine making? So, imagine if big brands would produce all red wine. The creative artist Tom Le French in his series 99 Wine Bottles he imagined and proposed wine bottles branded with some of the most famous and well-known brand around the world. Just to cite few of them like Coca Cola, Linkedin, Netflix and also Pampers. 
Images credit TomLeFrench
WineLogo_FeelDesain_04 WineLogo_FeelDesain_05 WineLogo_FeelDesain_06 WineLogo_FeelDesain_07 WineLogo_FeelDesain_09 WineLogo_FeelDesain_10 WineLogo_FeelDesain_15 WineLogo_FeelDesain_18 WineLogo_FeelDesain_01 WineLogo_FeelDesain_02 WineLogo_FeelDesain_03 WineLogo_FeelDesain_08 WineLogo_FeelDesain_16 WineLogo_FeelDesain_17 WineLogo_FeelDesain_19 WineLogo_FeelDesain_20 WineLogo_FeelDesain_11 WineLogo_FeelDesain_14 WineLogo_FeelDesain_21 WineLogo_FeelDesain_12 WineLogo_FeelDesain_13 WineLogo_FeelDesain_22
Wine-Bottle-Mockup_cbang Wine-Bottle-Mockup_chiquita Wine-Bottle-Mockup_easy


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