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Offices in Shoreditch | Second Home by SelgasCano
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Offices in Shoreditch | Second Home by SelgasCano

Having a great place to work is key to boosting productivity, and the Second Home offices in London’s Shoreditch definitely look like a great place to spend your working days. Designed by SelgasCano architects, and powered by 100% green energy, the collaborative workspace features tons of different textures, almost no straight lines, mixed and matched chairs and light fixtures, over a thousand plants and trees, and many other delightful touches. There’s a focus on transparency, so while the workspaces are separated, almost all the spaces can see into others, creating a sense of community.

The environment is playful but still professional, and the office users’ experience is enhanced by the extra features of the space, like yoga sessions organised for employees, a “roaming zone” and an amazing restaurant. The shared work space is home to Foursquare, Secret Escapes, and TaskRabbit, amongst many others, and the co-working space is so in demand that Second Home frequently has to turn businesses away. Rumour has it that Second Home is working on other locations to open similar spaces, so keep your eyes peeled!

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