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Impressive paintings by blind artist | John Bramblitt
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Impressive paintings by blind artist | John Bramblitt

Blind people are rarely associated with art (except in the case of the Prado Museum in Madrid) but John Bramblitt from Texas is a competent and talented artist despite his visual impairment. He gradually became blind due to epilepsy, totally losing his sight in 2001 at the age of 30, and fell into depression as a result. However, a year later he started to learn to adapt and to create art by guiding himself using the raised edges created by fabric paint. To find the right colours, he uses braille on the paint tubes but also understands the colour from the texture of the paint, as each hue feels slightly different to him. He feels his way around the canvas thanks to the fabric paint outline, and then adds colour. He’s truly turned adversity into opportunity, and now has a successful career as a professional painter, even creating portraits by first feeling the features of his subject’s face, before reproducing them on the canvas. We’re sure you’ll agree his work is seriously impressive.

BlindPainting_feeldesain_01 BlindPainting_feeldesain_02 BlindPainting_feeldesain_03 BlindPainting_feeldesain_04 BlindPainting_feeldesain_05 BlindPainting_feeldesain_06 BlindPainting_feeldesain_07 BlindPainting_feeldesain_08 BlindPainting_feeldesain_09 BlindPainting_feeldesain_10 BlindPainting_feeldesain_11 BlindPainting_feeldesain_12

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