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J-Lo’s projection-mapped dress
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J-Lo’s projection-mapped dress

You’ll have been left open-mouthed if you saw Jennifer Lopez‘s performance of her new song Feel the Light on American Idol, but it was her dress, not her voice, that stole the show. The skirt of her gown had a 20-foot radius, and was used as the background for a projection mapping spectacle, which included projections of the night sky, as well as a clip from the cartoon film that her song will feature in, called Home. The special effects were so seamless that at times it looked like JLo’s dress was actually part of the stage, and we loved the performance. Watch it below.

Jlo_AmericanIdol_feeldesain_01 Jlo_AmericanIdol_feeldesain_02 Jlo_AmericanIdol_feeldesain_03 Jlo_AmericanIdol_feeldesain_04 Jlo_AmericanIdol_feeldesain_05 Jlo_AmericanIdol_feeldesain_06 Jlo_AmericanIdol_feeldesain_07 Jlo_AmericanIdol_feeldesain_08 Jlo_AmericanIdol_feeldesain_09 Jlo_AmericanIdol_feeldesain_10 Jlo_AmericanIdol_feeldesain_11 Jlo_AmericanIdol_feeldesain_12 Jlo_AmericanIdol_feeldesain_13

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