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Greenhouse Cafe | Roni Keren
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Greenhouse Cafe | Roni Keren

The new Greenhouse Cafe based in Reut takes inspiration from the cafe that was located in the Shilat community garden center in Tel Aviv, where originally they looked the nursery and plants themselves as a starting point. Architected by Roni Keren Interior Design Studio, the project incorporates plants into the design by turning them into architectural elements throughout the cafe. Initially they wanted to give the empty space a greenhouse feeling by using birch boards that had leaves cut out with CNC technology. The doors leading to the bathrooms and the kitchen also feature the same motif.

images credit: RoniKeren

Greenhouse-Cafe_FeelDesain_01 Greenhouse-Cafe_FeelDesain_02 Greenhouse-Cafe_FeelDesain_03 Greenhouse-Cafe_FeelDesain_04 Greenhouse-Cafe_FeelDesain_16 Greenhouse-Cafe_FeelDesain_15 Greenhouse-Cafe_FeelDesain_14 Greenhouse-Cafe_FeelDesain_13 Greenhouse-Cafe_FeelDesain_12 Greenhouse-Cafe_FeelDesain_11 Greenhouse-Cafe_FeelDesain_10 Greenhouse-Cafe_FeelDesain_09 Greenhouse-Cafe_FeelDesain_07 Greenhouse-Cafe_FeelDesain_08 Greenhouse-Cafe_FeelDesain_06 Greenhouse-Cafe_FeelDesain_05

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