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A 19TH CENTURY CHURCH into modern office
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A 19TH CENTURY CHURCH into modern office

Acato, a web design firm, grew weary of their offices being right above a fishmonger, so the company hired Rotterdam-based BBVH Architects to transform a 19th Century church building into their new offices in the center of The Hague. The building was dilapidated and didn’t meet any of today’s codes for safety, sustainability, or comfort, which led to BBVH giving the property a major refurbishment.

BBVH-architects-Acato-Office-2-600x900 BBVH-architects-Acato-Office-3-600x900 BBVH-architects-Acato-Office-4-600x900 BBVH-architects-Acato-Office-5-600x900 BBVH-architects-Acato-Office-6-600x399 BBVH-architects-Acato-Office-7-600x900 BBVH-architects-Acato-Office-8-600x900 BBVH-architects-Acato-Office-9-600x399 BBVH-architects-Acato-Office-10-600x399 BBVH-architects-Acato-Office-11-600x399 BBVH-architects-Acato-Office-11a-600x399 BBVH-architects-Acato-Office-12-600x399 BBVH-architects-Acato-Office-13-600x399 BBVH-architects-Acato-Office-14-600x399 BBVH-architects-Acato-Office-15-600x399 BBVH-architects-Acato-Office-16-600x900


Photos by Luuk Kramer.

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