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FEEL Magazine | Feel Desain

Today, we have some very exciting news for you…

After five years as an exclusively online publication, we have published our first ever print edition: FEEL magazine.


What’s inside?

Inside, you’ll find a selection of our very favourite projects from six of Feel Desain‘s most popular sections: Photography, Art, Fashion, Design, Graphics, and Architecture, as described by the artists, architects, photographers and designers behind them.

In 2018 we released FEEL Issue No. 2 during Forward Festival in Munich, Germany. Once again, the most exciting projects from recent times, all described by their respective artists, architects and designers. Feel Issue No. 2 wants to go one step further. Intentionally white the cover becomes a canvas for artists who can customize it with their own personal style.

The first and the second issues are available here:

Magazine_feeldesain_03 copy Magazine_feeldesain_04 Magazine_feeldesain_05 Magazine_feeldesain_06

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