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Hand Stamped Portraits | Russell Powell
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Hand Stamped Portraits | Russell Powell

Most artists paint on a surface like a canvas or a wall, but Russell Powell prefers to make his creations on his own hand, before stamping them on paper to permanently preserve the piece. Of course, the stamped piece also shows Powell’s hand print and the creases on his skin, adding an extra layer of dimension to the final image. The Californian painter shares his impressively detailed portraiture work on his Instagram account – check it out here.

HandPainting_feeldesain_01 HandPainting_feeldesain_02 HandPainting_feeldesain_03 HandPainting_feeldesain_04 HandPainting_feeldesain_05 HandPainting_feeldesain_06 HandPainting_feeldesain_07 HandPainting_feeldesain_08 HandPainting_feeldesain_09 HandPainting_feeldesain_10 HandPainting_feeldesain_11 HandPainting_feeldesain_12

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