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The Internet of Useless Things | Rehabstudio
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The Internet of Useless Things | Rehabstudio

The Internet of Useless Things is the work of creative technology company rehabstudio, and features a selection of imaginary smart gadgets which are truly absurd, but perhaps closer to reality than we’d like to think. Technology now allows us to do almost anything at the touch of a button, can track our movements, tell us about our habits (even while we sleep), and even unlock our doors. The Internet of Useless Things features such inventions as the BeatTweeter which sends a Tweet out to all your followers if your heart happens to stop, a FitSpoon which senses if you’re eating too quickly and releases the contents of the spoon, and a StressBuster which emits a loud alarm to remind you to calm down when it senses you’re too tense and anxious. The descriptions are written in a way which reminds us of real gadgets on the market and remind us of these tongue in cheek Motorola ads. Have a look at the useless ‘products’ below.

UselessThings_feeldesain_01 UselessThings_feeldesain_02 UselessThings_feeldesain_03 UselessThings_feeldesain_04 UselessThings_feeldesain_05 UselessThings_feeldesain_06 UselessThings_feeldesain_07

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