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What Happens If You Let Flowers Stew In Energy Drinks
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The Berlin-based artist Cornelius de Bill Baboul shows in his latest project what would happen if you let white flowers sit and stew in half-filled bottles of the sort of energy drinks. The result is Thirsty, then boosted, a series of almost absurdly saturated photographs.

“I’d developed a visual fascination for those drinks,” Cornelius says when we ask about the origins of Thirsty, then boosted. “They look like everything but food. They are as artificial as their names, all called things like mountain blast and wild cherry.” Reminding the artist of “cooling liquid” he decided to play around with the properties and possibilities of soft drinks that intend to improve stamina and performance by sending God knows what coursing through the body of the person brave enough to imbibe them.

“I bought a bottle once, just to contemplate it. It sat in my studio for a while and one day I had a ranunculus lying about. So I put it in there to see what’d happen. The day after, it started to turn blue. It felt like writing Baudelaire’s Les Fleurs du mal in the age of McDonalds. It was beautiful in a strange way”

The artist called his art as digital Transhumance. For more follow him on Instagram.

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