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Coat Rack That Makes You Feel The Breath Of Nature
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Coat Rack That Makes You Feel The Breath Of Nature

Simplicity and gracefulness of natural forms embodied in this coat rack named “Hilka”. The piece was designed by Ukrainian authors Ulyana Zachkevych and Stanislav Boichuk for MZPA.

Laconic design and light theme harmoniously maintain the idea of space purity. Its minimalism is composed by combination of two basic materials: wood and metal. It’s a unique piece of art, that is why it produced in a limited edition and number each item.

From Ukrainian language Hilka means branch and it is a multifunctional design solution for storing clothes and shoes. The rail is also comfortable in use and transportation. Creating it the authors put emphasis on its mobility. The hanger may be easily moved, removed, adjusted to all your needs.  It is composed of 4 or 6 ash sticks, which at the end are branching into three or four parts, creating additional space for hanging clothes.

The creation of the “Hilka” includes 11 stages of production, among which is handiwork and longtime wood preparation process. Flexible and the same time solid ash-wood was chosen as a basic material of the hanger. MZPA were searching for a unique technique that would allow to bend the billets uniformly, withstand the same bending radius and length of the grooves, while firmly holding the sticks together to make the product durable and waterproof.

Photo credits Flore Chenaux

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