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City’s Drinking Fountains On A Bottle
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City’s Drinking Fountains On A Bottle

Italian designer based in Helsinki, Emanuele Pizzolorusso creates Phil the bottle, the city’s drinking fountains bottle.

On the back there is a list of the city’s drinking fountain locations, where it can be filled. It considers drinking fountains to be found in cities, in parks and gardens, in squares and along the streets.

Phil the bottle is the refillable bottle that can guide you towards urban fountains. These available sources of drinking water, which is safe because it is highly monitored, are listed one by one with easy to find addresses.

The collection grows over time. Now one can be found the city bottle of Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Copenaghen, Barcelona, Milan, New York, Paris, Rome and Tokyo. If the bottle of your city is not yet available, there is always the Phil the bottle of Anywhere! This one has a short text playing around with the concept of filling a bottle on the back.

The places where water comes together with other water. Those places stand out in my mind like holy places – Raymond Carver

The half litre water bottles made from PBA-free plastic resin for Florence-based brand Palomar, have been designed as an alternative to plastic water bottles and to make finding a place to refill easier.

The designer Pizzolorusso said that “in many countries – for example Italy – a lot of people still buy bottled water, which obviously has a high environmental impact due to transportation and the disposable usage of plastic”. The designer plans to introduce a bottle for Lisbon next, and to grow the collection “depending on the demands of the market”.

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