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Carolina Spencer’s last work for DOIY is visual delights
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Carolina Spencer’s last work for DOIY is visual delights

Carolina Spencer’s last work for DOIY is visual delights.

For Barcelona-based retailer DOIY, Chilean floral designer Carolina Spencer has interpreted a selection of objects to create a still life “sobremesa”, featuring candles, crystal, tarot cards, pastries, wine, and cigarettes.

A great believer in the talisman, Spencer loves to provide objects with energy, transmitting a certain value or story, often even a bit of herself. The Barcelona-based Chilean born floral designer behind Matagalán, works with flower arrangements in a very unique way. By mixing objects and plants she creates compositions closer to art than anything else. For this collaboration she has created a kind of “sobremesa”, which is a Spanish term for that time spent after a meal, with family or friends, simply chatting and enjoying each other’s company. Her objective was to create an almost mystic scenario, playing with dimensions and proportions, but also imbuing each object with a kind of spirit.

With creative license to develop an entirely personal interpretation of the latest DOIY collection, the result is not only beautiful but gives the brand an enchanting, contemporary spin, taking the products into a higher realm – almost to the point of abstraction.

The name of this photographic project, “Matagalàn”, is a union between two Spanish words.

There’s a Latin American expression that translates to “a wallet kills the gallant.” In our culture, that means that the man with the most money in his pocket always gets the most beautiful woman, defeating the gallant. From that I began to think about topics surrounding the idea of a “gallant,” who usually gives chocolates and flowers, and creates cliché situations by which to conquer a woman. “Matar al galán” means, “to kill the gallant.” I have always loved the power of the expression, and I wanted to use it related to something as fragile as flowers. I also liked the idea of killing the idea of buying or giving flowers or plants only for special occasions.

Set design and flower arrangement by Caroline Spencer

Photography and video by Florencia Lucila

Collaboration from Doiy


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