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Aeolus | Interactive Wind Pavilion
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Aeolus | Interactive Wind Pavilion

In Greek mythology, Aeolus is a god who is recognized as the “Keeper of the Winds.” While this sculptural work, also calledAeolus, isn’t a ruler of air currents, it certainly functions in cooperation with it, producing beautiful windswept harmonies. UK-based artist Luke Jerram appears to have an affinity for public works that promote musical interactivity. His touring social art experiment called Play Me, I’m Yours, where dozens of pianos are placed in the public spaces of cities, free for anyone to share their talents and create a little music, employs a similar musicality although Aeolus is more driven by mother nature. The interactive installation is a musical work that responds to nature’s howling breath.

Inspired by the architectural acoustics of mosques in Iran, Aeolus echoes the wind-produced reverberation through the harp strings within the structure’s giant stainless steel tubes. As much as the towering arch is an audible delight, it is also a visual experience. Light seeps through the scores of tubes in the large-scale public installation, creating changing shadows with time. There is also a psychedlic mirroring effect when one looks out through the tubes from under the arch, as evidenced in the video, below. To experience it for yourself, the traveling sculpture is currently installed at Canada Square Park in Canary Wharf until May 10, 2012.

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