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Cirqua Apartments | BKK Arquitects
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Cirqua Apartments | BKK Arquitects

Following current market trends, BKK Architects has designed “Cirqua Apartments”, a residential complex located in Ivanhoe East — a suburb of Melbourne, Australia.

Over the past two to four years, apartment living has become increasingly more desirable to prospective home owners and that’s the aim of Cirqua project. It provides livable spaces, quality infrastructure and materials, sustainability, and a personalized atmosphere, everything in a large, individualized units with design diversity.

Thirty-eight of the forty-two apartment units that make up the building differ from one another. The large windows and balconies emphasize BKK Architect’s strong interest in providing the interior with direct access to natural light and ventilation. The overall design draws inspiration from surrounding structures and historical housing types. The studio has considered the site’s sloped terrain, which involved the consolidation of two neighboring properties to successfully complete the overall vision.

Photography by Bkk Architects

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