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Google’s Futuristic Android-Based Glasses | Project Glass
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Google’s Futuristic Android-Based Glasses | Project Glass

Google has its sights set on a new way of experiencing and interacting with the world. The multifaceted enterprise that has already dipped its feet into social networking, web browsing, and mobile technology has a new undertaking called Project Glass. In its simplest form, the project presents a futuristic fashion statement, but it ultimately represents a lifestyle change for society. The single-lens eyewear technology is a tool for sharing experiences digitally, capturing moments, and receiving on-the-spot access to information.

Although it features a sleeker design and is capable of doing much more, there’s a part of me that can’t help being reminded of the old video gaming system called R-Zone from the 1990’s that many may not be familiar with because of its lack in success. It’s mainly the single-eye display headset design that seems like a devolved version of Google’s product. Otherwise, Project Glass epitomizes the ultimate merge of a smartphone and supercomputer on-the-go. Walking down the street, an owner of this technology will have the ability to stream and project information directly onto the display screen of the glasses. There is no room for getting lost anymore with the proper utilization of Google Maps just a few inches from one’s eye.

A video released by Google for the invention gives us a first-person perspective of a day in the life of someone with this pioneering gadget. Its abilities include taking pictures, receiving and sending text/voice messages, saving reminders, checking in to locations, sharing content on social networking sites, video chatting, and live image searching. Many of the functions utilize Google software products. The Android-based device is set to be on sale by the end of the year for the same price as current smartphones (probably ranging from $250 to $600).

I look forward to seeing how effective the product is and whether it will revolutionize how people interact. Will it be as transforming as the iPod? I no longer remember a time when straphangers on the subway weren’t lost in their own world of music.

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