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Gifted Elastic Gift Wrap | Monkey Business
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Gifted Elastic Gift Wrap | Monkey Business

When it comes to wrapping gifts, there are lots of creative solutions, but sometimes less can be more.


Aware that wrapping gifts is almost as important as choosing the right one, Reddish Studio for Monkey Business has designed and produced these flexible, silicon rubber bands which can turn absolutely anything into a gift. Easy to use, the band can just be stretched or wrapped around whatever the gift may be, in addition to or instead of traditional gift wrap. Voilà! The object becomes spontaneously “Gifted”.


The bands come in two sizes (5cm and 8cm), both of which are included in the 10 band selection box available here. A ribbon is worth a thousand words…






Gifted_feeldesain_05 Gifted_feeldesain_06





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