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Designer Spotlight | Acne JR
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Designer Spotlight | Acne JR

Acne JR  is based in Stockholm, Sweden. The celebrated toy company was founded in 1996 and specialises in everything from media and fashion to design. The brand has a unique ability to make traditional toys more modern without changing the concept behind them, giving them a funky, retro feel. The brand takes inspiration from a variety of sources, with a recent trip to the bamboo garden in Hokokuji serving as  inspiration for the brand’s latest bamboo-esque wallpaper design.


Acne JR’s collaboration with Adobe is one of the company’s most interesting pieces of work to date. Their interactive toy, Walter, at first looks like a simple teddy bear backpack, but actually allows people to connect with others using the internet. Interactive Walter was a special one-off project for Acne JR and Adobe, but due to its huge success, the toy company may now make a non-interactive version of the teddy backpack available to the public. (Read more about Walter here)


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The brand has also produced work for companies such as Photowall. Their wallpapers, much like their toy designs, are simple, unique and not overcrowded with details. Quirky yet understated, the statement wallpaper pieces can work as well in offices as they do in children’s bedrooms. The Chester the Bear range simply features the face of a smiling bear with a bow tie and simple rounded ears. While the design couldn’t be simpler, Chester has an endearing face that draws you in, and this is an example of Acne’s work at its best.


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Acne uses colour to great effect, which is vital when designing for the impressionable and creative minds of children. They opt for bold, simple, block colours with many designs featuring bright yellows, reds, greens and blues. Acne’s unique style consists of using simple colour schemes rather than a broad colour palette, and this is a distinctive characteristic of the brand. If you like this bright, colourful style, you can inject a little bit of Acne JR into your home with their wallpaper available from Photowall’s website.


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