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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 8: Azerbaijan
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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 8: Azerbaijan

At Milan’s 2015 Expo, over 140 countries are exhibiting, and of course some of these countries are better known by the European public than others. Azerbaijan is perhaps one of the least well-known countries exhibiting, but now visitors have a chance to learn more about the Caucasian nation, which is rich in history, culture and nature and produces plenty of organic and healthy products. The pavilion was the project of three studios, Simmetrico NetworkArassociati Architecture and AG&P, and features an enormous glass biosphere surrounded by flexible wooden panels, creating ventilation. Within the pavilion, there are in fact three biospheres, reflecting the landscapes, climate, and culture of the country.


More images can be found below. Come back tomorrow for the next pavilion in our series…

ExpoAzerbaijan_feeldesain_01 ExpoAzerbaijan_feeldesain_02 ExpoAzerbaijan_feeldesain_03 ExpoAzerbaijan_feeldesain_04 ExpoAzerbaijan_feeldesain_05 ExpoAzerbaijan_feeldesain_06 ExpoAzerbaijan_feeldesain_07

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