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Tape Shelf | 3x Design
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Tape Shelf | 3x Design

Japanese design studio 3x Design, composed of Takanori Ikegaya, Kabuki Sakurai and Kosuke Ota creates designs which can be understood without words and anywhere in the world. They’re clearly talented, previously winning a Red Dot design award, and we love their work. In particular, we think the Tape Shelf, which we came across at Salone Satellite at Milan Design Week, is a fantastic work of design. This ingenious way of attaching books to the wall involves tape-shaped attachments which are placed on the wall using two pushpins, making a “shelf” which looks like a poster. A brilliant idea.

TapeShelf_feeldesain_01 TapeShelf_feeldesain_02 TapeShelf_feeldesain_03 TapeShelf_feeldesain_04 TapeShelf_feeldesain_05 xTapeShelf_feeldesain_06

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