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Instant camera case for smartphone | Prynt
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Instant camera case for smartphone | Prynt

Some of us have so many photos on our smartphone that will probably stay there forever, or at best be shared on social media, but will likely never be printed.


Prynt is a smartphone case and instant camera in one, combined with an app, which could change this habit. The case-camera is compatible with iPhone and Android, and has a modular design so that you don’t have to change the whole case every time you change phone. You can print photos either from the camera roll, Facebook, or Instagram and the app even offers frames, filters and personalisation. The styling is deliberately retro and the cover is available in pink, blue and white, all with leather grips. The paper has ink embedded inside it, so you won’t have to worry about cartridges, and you can re-order paper through the app (10 sheets fit inside the camera at one time).


The best bit, though, has to be the augmented reality element – while you pose for a photo, the app records a video and stores it. When you hold your phone over the printed snap, the app will automatically show the video, like a secret message in a picture. If you want to support this project, or learn more about it, go to the Prynt Kickstarter page.

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