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AIR Collection | Malafor
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AIR Collection | Malafor

The newest AIR collection MALAFOR Inflatable Furniture has been noticed by us at the LODZ DESIGN FESTIVAL. The frames are the inflatable pillows rest on oak wood frames. The form is simple almost ascetic from that follows their structure and function. The multicolored pillow covers vary from calm shades of grey to a more lively yellow or orange. The peculiarity of this product is that the material is very durable, puncture-resistant, resistible, easy-to-maintain and non-flammable textile. The AIR collection consist of an armchair as well as stools that come in three different variant: vertical, zip and back.


Malafor_feeldesain_01 Malafor_feeldesain_02 Malafor_feeldesain_03 Malafor_feeldesain_04 Malafor_feeldesain_05 Malafor_feeldesain_06 Malafor_feeldesain_07 Malafor_feeldesain_08 Malafor_feeldesain_09 Malafor_feeldesain_10 Malafor_feeldesain_11 Malafor_feeldesain_12 Malafor_feeldesain_13 Malafor_feeldesain_14 Malafor_feeldesain_15 Malafor_feeldesain_16


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