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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 16: Mexico
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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 16: Mexico

Central American country Mexico has participated in Expos since 1876, and this year at Expo Milan 2015, architect Francisco López Guerra Almada‘s pavilion design is an exciting one, which uses eco-friendly materials and is easy to construct and dismantle, and is based on Mexico’s most typical food: corn. The external structure is in the shape of a corn cob and inside, visitors move along spiral ramps to explore all that Mexico has to offer in terms of gastronomy, culture, and ecology. Take a look at the images below and come back tomorrow for Day 17.

ExpoMexico_feeldesain_01 ExpoMexico_feeldesain_02 ExpoMexico_feeldesain_03 ExpoMexico_feeldesain_04 ExpoMexico_feeldesain_05 ExpoMexico_feeldesain_06 ExpoMexico_feeldesain_07 ExpoMexico_feeldesain_08 ExpoMexico_feeldesain_09 ExpoMexico_feeldesain_10 ExpoMexico_feeldesain_11

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