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3D Images On Human Bodies | Natasha Farnsworth
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3D Images On Human Bodies | Natasha Farnsworth

This artist based in Arizona, Natasha Farnsworth pays homage to the striking style and intricacy by adapting the visually arresting aesthetic onto the blank canvases of human backs. She is inspired by the 3D street art illusions created by German artist 1010. She is recreating the emotional depth evoked by 1010’s art, Farnsworth’s works applied onto human flesh cover creative images ranging from a colorful blackhole, a snarling snake emerging from a gaping wound to surreal galaxies of outer space. Check her Instagram and images below.

Images Credit: Natasha Farnsworth

3dTattoo_FeelDesain_06 3dTattoo_FeelDesain_01 3dTattoo_FeelDesain_02 3dTattoo_FeelDesain_03 3dTattoo_FeelDesain_04


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