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Poetic Kinetics: 30 Years Of The Fall Of The Berlin Wall With Art Installation
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Patrick Shearn and his team Poetic Kinetics have been invited to display “Visions in Motion”, the art installation that celebrates the 30 years of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

From the Brandenburg Gate, where the former Wall divided the city, the installation features 30,000 ribbons representing the wishes, hopes and memories of 30,000 people today. The artwork’s rectangular shape conjures the form of the wall; but instead of a heavy, impenetrable border, the form takes flight.

In reminiscence of the banners carried during the demonstrations of the Peaceful Revolution, Shearn’s installation will incorporate multicolored, partly reflective streamers, which will float almost weightlessly across the sky at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. On this occasion, people on the streets have written down their wishes on fabric ribbons.

Patrick Shearn is world renowned for his striking, larger-than-life, moving sculptures, called Skynets. He is particularly inspired to lend his work to this auspicious historical event and intends “Visions in Motion” to be a symbol for peace and the united power of the people overcoming injustice.

“As an artist, I am deeply moved by the invitation to translate such a watershed moment in human history into physical form. In light of the state of affairs in the world today, I feel it is a time to be bold, gather together with a unified voice, and throw our shared colors and our dreams skyward for the world to see.”

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