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Lost in Wonderin | Trina Merry
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Lost in Wonderin | Trina Merry

The artist Trina Merry was able to create with the imagination this body painting and than to photograph the work. She offers a new series entitled Lost in Wonderin which she integrate painted bodies to the seven wonders of the World. From the three pyramids of Gizeh to the Great Wall of China including the Machu Pichu, her subject merges pergectly in the setting. You can follow her also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Images Credit: Trina Merry

PaintedBodies_FeelDesain_06 PaintedBodies_FeelDesain_07 PaintedBodies_FeelDesain_08 PaintedBodies_FeelDesain_09 PaintedBodies_FeelDesain_04 PaintedBodies_FeelDesain_05 PaintedBodies_FeelDesain_01 PaintedBodies_FeelDesain_02 PaintedBodies_FeelDesain_03


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