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10 Pieces Of Interior Inspiration For Concrete Lovers
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10 Pieces Of Interior Inspiration For Concrete Lovers

According to many a trend report, in 2016 concrete is in.


Such a versatile material, concrete can be used for so many things, from delicate accessories to bold industrial design. Here are 10 of our favourite items which might just inspire you to add a little concrete to your home this year!



1. Doc Magazine Rack

The Doc by Lyon Béton (designer of many wonderful concrete things) is an analog magazine rack for the digital world. Based on the design of a computer folder, it’s a cute little addition to your living room and will provide as much joy as the magazines held within it.


Image: Lyon Béton


2. Slash Lamp

If you need a bit of stress relief, you can smash this lamp to your heart’s desire, and make it truly yours. This concrete pendant lamp is meant to be broken, and once you’ve made it crumble a little bit, it’ll be even more of a statement piece. By Dragosmotica.


Image: Dragosmotica


3. The Dipped Concrete Clock

If what you’re after is something concrete which is useful and has a hint of girly, you could go for one of these clocks by Poppet & Button, which come in a range of pretty colours.


Image: Poppet and Button


4. DIY Bottle Vases

If DIY is your thing, have a go at these vases – all you’ll need are some bottles (plastic or glass) and some concrete. They make nice vases, but are also great ornaments in their own right.


Image: Homemade Modern


5. Designer Concrete Furniture

For those of you who love unusual design pieces, head to Delatour Design Lab. Their concrete collection includes tables, mirrors, cabinets, consoles, pots, and candlesticks, so if you wanted to, you could deck out your whole house in concrete-y coolness.


Image: Delatour Design Lab


6. Falcon Lamp

These lightweight concrete lamps are simple and minimal, and would be right at home in an industrial space, or as accent pieces in a softer setting. Available to buy on Etsy.


Image: Concretelamps on Etsy


7. Stitching Concrete

Florian Schmid‘s stools use fabric impregnated with concrete to make seating which is fluid yet solid, strong yet delicate looking. His technique is unusual and the final products equally so.


Image: Florian Schmid


8. Faceted Planters

If you’re just getting into concrete, these subtle planters might be the place to start. The geometric shapes are perfect for any modern space, and what could be cuter than a cactus in a little concrete pot?


Image: SpacioTerreno on Etsy


9. DIY Bowls

We’re not entirely sure how to make these bowls, but they look amazing and so versatile – use them as candle holders, vases, or storage for bits and bobs.


Image: Amy Greving


10. Not-Really-Concrete Wallpaper

If you’d really, really like raw concrete walls but don’t have any, concrete wallpaper is the answer. It’s available in various colours and, we must say, it does look very realistic.


Image: Gnr8


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