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Travel Management App | TravelerBuddy
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Travel Management App | TravelerBuddy

TravelerBuddy is currently on Kickstarter, and is an app designed for travellers who like to keep everything to do with their trip organised. Aside from a classic itinerary creation feature, it offers a place to store flight details, hotel confirmations and addresses (integrated with Google Map location), details of meetings and appointments, contact numbers, and even reminds you about things you need to do before and during your trip. You’ll be reminded to check in, fill in immigration forms, and reminded of relevant information, both via the app itself and through other forms of notifications, meaning there’s no chance you’ll forget to do something crucial. For safety, documents and details are encrypted, and naturally available offline as well. You can easily add your own details as well, so if you need to save a photo of a bill to get reimbursed, or even just need to write a note related to your trip, it’s easy. Find out even more on TravelerBuddy’s Kickstarter page.


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