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The R18 Ultra Chair
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The R18 Ultra Chair

The R18 Ultra Chair | Custom chair geometry from crowd-sourced data

The R18 Ultra Chair is an experimental piece of furniture that involves users from across the globe in the engineering process. An early prototype was made available for public testing at Milan Furniture Fair and the final design will be presented during Design Miami/ in December 2012.

The purpose of this live laboratory is to gather user data in order to optimise the final product and shed every gram of excess weight. Every testing session will be documented as a personalised video and sent back to each visitor by email link to watch and share with friends. After the public beta phase, all crowd-sourced data will be fed into the chair’s design parameters and its production adapted as necessary.

Hundreds of industrial sensors integrated into the prototype capture every movement and simultaneously display it as a realtime false colour force simulation, thus exposing and visualizing the flow of forces normally hidden from the human eye. The data is processed by custom algorithms to adjust the final geometry and construction of the end product accordingly.

Project Page | Clemens Weisshaar and Reed Kram | Audi

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