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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 40: Israel
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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 40: Israel

Israel’s pavilion was designed by architect David Knafo, and the main attraction is the enormous, 70 metre long and 12 metre high vertical garden. The flowers and plants on the so-called garden will change with the seasons, meaning the wall will look different as time goes on. Inside the pavilion, visitors can learn about Israel’s history of agriculture as well as enjoying 3D movies and a tapestry of LEDs, as well as tasting Israel’s finest cuisine inside a brightly coloured restaurant. 

ExpoIsrael_feeldesain_01 ExpoIsrael_feeldesain_02 ExpoIsrael_feeldesain_03 ExpoIsrael_feeldesain_04 ExpoIsrael_feeldesain_05 ExpoIsrael_feeldesain_06 ExpoIsrael_feeldesain_07 ExpoIsrael_feeldesain_08 ExpoIsrael_feeldesain_09 ExpoIsrael_feeldesain_10 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA ExpoIsrael_feeldesain_12 ExpoIsrael_feeldesain_13 ExpoIsrael_feeldesain_14 ExpoIsrael_feeldesain_15

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