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OKSU | digital data printer
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OKSU | digital data printer

While digital technology has made it possible to easily share books, music, websites and other media virtually, there has not been any tangible representation of what you share.  For his diploma project, Moscow-based Alex Zhulin has created a concept digital data printer that lets you ‘print’ physical copies of songs, webpages, books, files or photographs.

The printer, named ‘OKSU’, has no need for ink cartridges—rather, it uses Z-ink technology, where color pigments are already present within the paper and only need to be activated. The paper also contains NFC chip technology, making it possible to open the digital file by ‘tapping’ the printout on any device that has NFC.

Don’t you think of this printer is revolutionary? Do you think this technology is really possible?
Check out the video below to see how OKSU works:

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