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World Landmarks | Makers Company

Cape Town creative studio Makers Company has created these lovely simplified icons, representing some of the most famous of our planet’s landmarks. The team was inspired by their love of travelling, and created twelve famous landmarks from everywhere from India to Italy using a simple, two-tone style. Check out the collection below and see what you think. Head over to Makers Company’s website to see more of what they do.

WorldLandmarks_feeldesain_01 WorldLandmarks_feeldesain_02 WorldLandmarks_feeldesain_03 WorldLandmarks_feeldesain_04 WorldLandmarks_feeldesain_05 WorldLandmarks_feeldesain_06 WorldLandmarks_feeldesain_07 WorldLandmarks_feeldesain_08 WorldLandmarks_feeldesain_09 WorldLandmarks_feeldesain_10 WorldLandmarks_feeldesain_11 WorldLandmarks_feeldesain_12 WorldLandmarks_feeldesain_13

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