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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 22: Malaysia
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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 22: Malaysia

The next Expo pavilion on our daily tour is that of Malaysia, designed by Hijas Kasturi Associates. The 2,047 space is home to four seed-shaped constructions inspired by the rainforest, whose curves and patterns reflect the versatility and dynamism of the Asian nation. The exterior structure of these “seeds” is made from Glulam, glued laminate timber, an inexpensive, sustainable material which can bear spans of a large size, allowing the creation of exhibition spaces without intermediate structural supports. Inside the pavilion, Malaysia outlines the country’s rich food offering, from seed to table, and offers an interactive and fun experience within the four capsules. Take a look at more images of the pavilion below.

ExpoMalaysia_feeldesain_01 ExpoMalaysia_feeldesain_02 ExpoMalaysia_feeldesain_03 ExpoMalaysia_feeldesain_04 ExpoMalaysia_feeldesain_05 ExpoMalaysia_feeldesain_06 ExpoMalaysia_feeldesain_07 ExpoMalaysia_feeldesain_08 ExpoMalaysia_feeldesain_09 ExpoMalaysia_feeldesain_10 ExpoMalaysia_feeldesain_11

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