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Scented Alarm Clock | SensorWake
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Scented Alarm Clock | SensorWake

We’ve seen an alarm clock which wakes you up by making you a cup of coffee, but the new kid on the block of creative alarm clocks is SensorWake, which works in a similarly fun way: by inserting one of a selection of capsules into your alarm clock, you can wake up without having to listen to the horrible sound of an alarm beeping in your ear, instead waking up slowly with your favourite scent. The SensorWake was designed by an 18 year old French entrepreneur called Guillaume Rolland, who wanted to allow people to wake up gently with the smell of roses, croissants, toast, or even…US Dollars. The recyclable scented cartridges will be available in a number of different scents, and will gently awaken you by triggering your olfactory system, as well as making your room smell delightful for the following 10 minutes. This particular invention will be coming soon on Kickstarter, and you can read more about it here.

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