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Vocation Microbrewery | Robot Food
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Vocation Microbrewery | Robot Food

Vocation microbrewery is a new entry to the world of craft beer, and wanted a strong brand to tell their story and make them stand out against their competitors. The agency behind the branding is Robot Food, based in the UK, who specialise in branding and packaging. They make sure that the emotional names of each beer (Divide & Conquer, and Heart & Soul to name two) stand out in bright colours, enhanced by white illustrations which were created in-house on a black background. The contrast between the detailed illustrations and the minimal use of colour makes for a simple but super effective brand, which would definitely make you want to take a sip of one of Vocation’s beers.

Vocation-Brewery_feeldesain_01 Vocation-Brewery_feeldesain_02 Vocation-Brewery_feeldesain_03 Vocation-Brewery_feeldesain_04 Vocation-Brewery_feeldesain_05 Vocation-Brewery_feeldesain_06 Vocation-Brewery_feeldesain_07 Vocation-Brewery_feeldesain_08 Vocation-Brewery_feeldesain_09 Vocation-Brewery_feeldesain_10 Vocation-Brewery_feeldesain_11 Vocation-Brewery_feeldesain_12

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