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Jaguar Concept Art
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Jaguar Concept Art

It may look like the strangest concept vehicle ever, but the new art installation unveiled by Jaguar as part of Clerkenwell Design Week in London is, according to the company, a “vision of Jaguar’s future design language.” Created by Royal College of Art students in conjunction with Jaguar Advanced Design in Whitley, Coventry, the installation was the winner out of nine entries in the Jaguar Advanced Design competition.

jaguar-clerkenwell-28 feeldesain

jaguar-clerkenwell feeldesain

jaguar-clerkenwell-26 feeldesain

jaguar-clerkenwell-25 feeldesain

jaguar-clerkenwell-29 feeldesain

jaguar-clerkenwell-22 feeldesain

jaguar-clerkenwell-18 feeldesain

jaguar-clerkenwell-17 feeldesain

jaguar-clerkenwell-10 feeldesain

jaguar-clerkenwell-9 feeldesain

jaguar-clerkenwell-8 feeldesain

jaguar-clerkenwell-7 feeldesain

jaguar-clerkenwell-6 feeldesain

jaguar-clerkenwell-5 feeldesain

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