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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 15: Colombia
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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 15: Colombia

Colombia’s geographical position and wealth of natural resources means that it has achieved a great balance between nature and humankind, and has tons of types of crops and animals thanks to a lack of traditional seasons and greatly varying altitudes around the country.  The design of the Colombian pavilion itself in fact reflects the five “thermal levels” of the country, and guides visitors through the features of the different climates which can be found in the country, as well as featuring some colourful tropical birds on the white exterior. Architect Mauricio Cardenas Laverde of Studio Cardenas was responsible for the clever design of the pavilion. Some images and photos of the Colombian pavilion can be found below.

RAFFRONTO DD NUOVA PROPOSTA ExpoColombia_feeldesain_02 ExpoColombia_feeldesain_03 ExpoColombia_feeldesain_04 ExpoColombia_feeldesain_05 ExpoColombia_feeldesain_06 ExpoColombia_feeldesain_07 ExpoColombia_feeldesain_08

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