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KSEVT Hotel | AA Visiting School Slovenia
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KSEVT Hotel | AA Visiting School Slovenia

Ever get bored of sleeping in a bed and want to float in the air while you snooze? No… us neither… but nevertheless this levitation suit has been designed by students at the AA Visiting School Slovenia. The concept was thought up to allow guests at the Cultural Centre of European Space Technologies in Slovenia to experience “3D sleeping”, as you may expect in space. A series of ropes and pulleys attach the sleeping person to the ceiling, and allow them to adopt any position while they doze. The team wanted to come up with an unconventional attraction for visitors, and if you ask us, they certainly managed that!

KSEVT_feeldesain_01 KSEVT_feeldesain_02 KSEVT_feeldesain_03 KSEVT_feeldesain_04 KSEVT_feeldesain_05 KSEVT_feeldesain_06 KSEVT_feeldesain_07

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