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Plate Art | Jacqueline Poirier
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Plate Art | Jacqueline Poirier

What do Britney Spears, a packet of crisps, and a unicorn have in common? Well, not a lot, but they’ve all been featured on amazing hand-painted plates by Canada-based artist Jacqueline Poirier. Poirier is the Resident Artist at Toronto’s Ritz-Carlton, and her work is displayed around the hotel’s restaurant. She carefully paints designs of landscapes, animals, impressively 3D food, celebrities, miscellaneous objects and much more onto white plates, and her work is exceptionally well done. You can see all of her paintings on her website, or by following her on Instagram.

PlateArt_feeldesain_01 PlateArt_feeldesain_02 PlateArt_feeldesain_03 PlateArt_feeldesain_04 PlateArt_feeldesain_05 PlateArt_feeldesain_06 PlateArt_feeldesain_07 PlateArt_feeldesain_08 PlateArt_feeldesain_09 PlateArt_feeldesain_10 PlateArt_feeldesain_11 PlateArt_feeldesain_12 PlateArt_feeldesain_13 PlateArt_feeldesain_14

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