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Shelby FIA Cobra resurrected 50 years on
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Shelby FIA Cobra resurrected 50 years on

To celebrate 50 years since the Shelby Cobra made its mark on the FIA racing world, Shelby American has created a special limited-production Continuation Cobra called the CSX7000 Shelby 289 FIA Cobra. Limited to just 50 units, prices start at $94,995 for the fiberglass models and $159,995 for an aluminum body.
“With a small block V8 pushing only 2,100 lbs., it’s the lightest Cobra ever built with an incredible power-to-weight ratio. This allows the small block Cobra to dive deep into corners and pull through with incredible precision and accuracy.” More images jump more.

2014_50th_anniversary_fia_shelby_cobra_2 FEELDESAIN

2014_50th_anniversary_fia_shelby_cobra_3 FEELDESAIN

2014_50th_anniversary_fia_shelby_cobra_4 FEELDESAIN

2014_50th_anniversary_fia_shelby_cobra_5 FEELDESAIN

2014_50th_anniversary_fia_shelby_cobra_6 FEELDESAIN

2014_50th_anniversary_fia_shelby_cobra_7 FEELDESAIN

2014_50th_anniversary_fia_shelby_cobra_8 FEELDESAIN

2014_50th_anniversary_fia_shelby_cobra_9 FEELDESAIN

2014_50th_anniversary_fia_shelby_cobra_10 FEELDESAIN

2014_50th_anniversary_fia_shelby_cobra_11 FEELDESAIN

2014_50th_anniversary_fia_shelby_cobra_12 FEELDESAIN

2014_50th_anniversary_fia_shelby_cobra_13 FEELDESAIN

2014_50th_anniversary_fia_shelby_cobra_14 FEELDESAIN

2014_50th_anniversary_fia_shelby_cobra_15 FEELDESAIN

2014_50th_anniversary_fia_shelby_cobra_1 FEELDESAIN

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